There’s no words that I can describe to say how I’m feeling right now. For me, today is the most important day of the year. You mean the world to me Steph, I still remember the day that I saw SNSD for the first time and you were the one that caught my attention and in the same day I dreamed about you and your smile was so beautiful, it made my heart race so fast and I knew it from that moment you would change my life. You’re a inspiration for me, you went alone to another country following your dreams and never gave up and I’m so proud of you, I’m so proud I can call you my Queen. I can imagine how much your dad, your family is proud of you right now like I am and I know your mom is smiling right now from Heaven and watching for you. I pray for God to take care of you for me every night and who knows someday I can finally meet you, hug you and try to explain how much I love you. I wish you all the happiness from the bottom of my heart, you deserve everything, the world is yours! Thank you for changed my life, your smile saved me. I love you forever Stephanie Hwang. Happy Birthday ♡

우리 티파니 생일 

당신을위한 최고의 소원

complete bliss

complete bliss

Best of l Kim Taeyeon

 10 / ♡ Black and white Soshi shots

10 /Black and white Soshi shots

Five elements → Minho → Fire (2)

Five elementsMinho → Fire (2)

Happy Birthday Tiffany! 
Our eyesmile queen, our sunshine. Gosh, I have so much to say about you!! A god given angel, you are such an amazing person, your impact on me and other sones is 'indestructible' haha :)) Your such an amazing singer, actress, model, you name it, you're perfect at it. I hope your birthday is 'THE BEST' one yet! Have fun with your other members, and I hope Nichkhun treats you right (If you know what I  mean tho)
Chigeumeun, Soneyuhshidae!!!